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REAL Kitchen

From Middle School Project to Successful Business
In 2016, a middle-school student came up with an idea to turn a career interest project into a business. She was inspired by a delicious salsa recipe from a chef who was a mentor in her life. Could middle school students create a line of salsas and create a profitable small business?

The team got hard to work testing, batching, and producing the first rounds of salsa products just in time to bring-to-market and sell them at the local Farmers Market. Making their first sales gave the students a craving for more. Since that time many professional mentors have worked alongside teams of middle-school students to teach them how to sell, market, run the financials, and expand the growing business. Their next big break came in 2017, when their product went for sale in more than twenty grocery stores.
Youth Innovators in Action


Students Create A Silicon Valley Style Start-Up

In 2018, another group of middle school students launched out to form a business in a different industry. These students began dreaming about what it would be like to start a Silicon Valley Tech start-up in Oklahoma.

This dream became a reality, with the partnership of Trifecta Communications, to launch the kid-run business, Wrist World. These students learned the technology of augmented reality; working with mentors and professionals to design, market, code, and understand game development. They brought their product to market by combining augmented reality on a wearable slap band.

Through their work, the team proved that kids can innovate just as well as adults. In 2018, they presented their product at the Chicago Toy Fair, and went on to make history as the first minors to represent on the floor of the NewYork International Toy Fair, presenting to buyers from Hasbro, Apple, Amazon, Nintendo, and other Fortune 500 companies. Wrist World bands are now sold around the world through their website, Amazon,, and Etsy.

Seeking a way to carve an even larger niche in their industry, the team landed a licensing contract with virtual Japanese pop star Hatsune Miku. The partnership led to their nomination for an international licensing award. Their local sales break came through a distribution deal with On-Cue, a state-wide Oklahoma retailer.

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