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Project: VacMat

Innovators: Ethan Crispen, Andrew Jones, Elijah Jones, Brandon Nchichupa

We created a concept to help deal with all the dirt and grime that collects on your shoes and around floor mats. It’s called Vacmat. Vacmat’s mission is to keep your floors free of dirt and grime.

How It Works:

Vacmat is designed to suck dirt and grime from the bottom of your shoes, capturing it in a filter for later disposal. You simply walk onto the mat, automatically engaging the vacuum system. As you wipe your feet on the mat, the vacuum sucks the dirt and grime into the filter. After you walk off the mat, the vacuum automatically stops. The filter can be replaced on a regular basis, much like you would replace an air filter for your central air unit at home.

Vacmat consists of the following components:


A top layer of plastic ridges criss-crossing the mat (with lots of space in-between each ridge so air and dirt can pass through. These ridges are designed for users to wipe their shoes across to dislodge excess dirt and grime.


A thin, highly porous foam filter is directly under the plastic ridges. This layer serves as a capture device for the dirt and grime. As a user rubs their shoes back and forth along the ridges, and dirt and grime come off, it will fall in between the ridges into the filter layer.

Air Groove Box

The bottom layer is a thin rectangular box holding the foam filter and top ridges in place. “Air Groves” are built into the floor of the box, running along the full length of the box. These grooves lead to a central hole on the side wall at the far end of the box.

Vacuum Suction Device

A vacuum suction device is attached to the exterior side of the hole at the far end of the box. When the vacuum device activates, it creates a suction of air through the air groves, causing an even flow of air from the top surface of the mat and into the filter layer.

Laser Sensor:

A laser sensor is attached to the suction device, shooting across the mat. When the laser is broken by an object on the mat, the vacuum device automatically activates. When the laser is unbroken, the vacuum remains off.

Project: Sunshine Carpet

Innovators: Autumn Webb & Hurai Garjo

We have created a scented carpet concept that helps your home smell nice. Rather than putting carpet fresheners onto existing carpet, ours is designed to provide a fresh scent, straight from the factory. And then it continues to offer a fresh scent every time you walk on the carpet.

How It Works:

We are developing a proprietary scent formula that is touch activated. The formula is deeply infused into each carpet fiber at the time of manufacture. When you walk across the carpet, its fibers become agitated, releasing the touch sensitive scent into the room.

Sunshine Carpet includes the following components:


We will work with carpet manufacturers to provide scents for a wide range of carpet types.

Proprietary Scent Formula

Our touch sensitive formula is incorporated into the carpet fibers at the time of manufacture. In this way, the formula is deeply embedded in the carpet, down to its core fibers. Not just on the surface layer.

Recharge Formula

Our formula can be applied on a yearly basis to keep the carpet fresh smelling. When applied, the added formula will “bond” with the existing original treatment, creating a new layer of touch sensitive scent right down to the core fiber.

Project: AirBuddies

Innovators: Lucien Jarmon, Ethan Jones, Karter Jones, Caleb Patterson, Michael Williams

AirBuddies is an all-in-one air fryer, allowing the user to season, marinate and flip their food items at one time.

How It Works:

Our special air fryer includes a central box where a dry rub or marinade sauce can be added, followed by the food item. The box will then be sealed shut. The device turns and shakes the box to fully coat the food item. The box then opens and drops the food items into the air fryer cooking area, where it is cooked through.

AirBuddies includes the following components:

Air Fryer

The air fryer component will function similarly to most air fryers on the market. It is at the bottom of the device, below the marinade/rub box.

Marinade/Rub Box

This box is located near the top of the device. Once the rub/marinade and food items are added to the box, it is sealed so nothing can escape the space. The box is attached to a mechanism that flips it in a circular motion, both forward and backward. Eventually the flipping stops and the box automatically opens from the bottom, depositing the newly coated food item into the cooking chamber below.
The box can be removed from the air fryer for cleaning purposes.

Project: Sparkle Stars

Innovators: Kitana Savariau & Novah Stewart

Sparkle Stars is a personal locator beacon, built into a fashionable necklace. When you’re in trouble, you simply open the necklace and press the button. 911 will automatically be notified that you are having an emergency and track your location. Satellite beacons have been used for years by hikers, people in remote locations, and the elderly. We’re making it accessible to families to help protect their children.

How It Works:

We have developed a line of fashionable necklaces that can be opened. Inside each necklace is a small, single button satellite beacon, linked directly to the 911 system. When the beacon is activated, it sends a signal to 911. It then continues transmitting your location, via satellite. In this way, no cellular signal or calling plan is required.

Sparkle Stars include the following components:


Fashionable necklaces with a star and moon motif. Each necklace has a “lid” that can be opened on a hinge, revealing a miniature satellite beacon embedded inside.
Various different styles of necklaces are being developed, each with a star or moon theme.

Satellite Beacon

The miniature satellite beacon comes equipped with a tiny button that triggers an emergency response when pushed. Holding the button down for 30 seconds will reset the beacon and clear the emergency.

LED Light

A small LED light illuminates when the button is pressed. This lets the user know they are being tracked and that emergency personnel are on the way.