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Projects focused on solving real-world problems from young social activists.

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Happy Hues

Original art stickers
Is a business selling hand-drawn stickers and original art, as well as taking custom art commissions. Bringing a little color to every life, Happy Hues hopes to spread joy through creativity.

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Forever Summer

Forever Summer: Hand-crafted polymer clay earrings
Are adorable and unique. These unique designs are a true reflection of creativity and a perfect way to express your love for all things sweet and stylish.

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Amberly’s Sweet Relief

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Wrist World
Wrist World is a line of augmented reality slap bands featuring Hatsune Miku. Explore an extensive RPG world and interact with 3D characters, right on your wrist. The product was originally created by a team of middle school students.
Hope Apparel
Hope Apparel is a middle school student clothing brand that focuses on affordability and inspiration. Hope Apparel aims to provide consumers with a stylish, but reasonably priced product and also inspire all people to dream big & reach for the stars!
Amberly’s Sweet Relief

A line of soothing essential oil products developed and produced by Amberly, a middle school student in Oklahoma. The line includes: soothing peppermint, calming lavender, sunny citrus, tranquil rose, peaceful eucalyptus, and healing lemon.

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